Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unleashing The Real Meaning Of Motivation And Tips To Build It

Motivation is a kind of driving force that encourages an individual to get going. It is a kind of boost to the self confidence, faith and inner conscience of a person. All of us look for some kind of motivation in life. It is almost impossible to face a competition, achieve success of accomplish a goal without motivation.

Motivation is provided to an individual from several forces. Different people are motivated by different actions. A child may be motivated by a simple pat on the back or a new toy. An adult gets motivated when his work gets adulation. Some are motivated by success and others look for big awards and fame as motivational drive.

When it comes to success, there are several things that come in role play to achieve it. Intelligence, study skills, time management skills and knowledge base are very important for the achievement of success. However, without the right kind of motivation, nothing is going to work.
It is like this. You purchase your favorite car, fill the tank with fuel, get great set of tires, awesome CD system and amazing exterior. Now you sit inside the car and expect it to take you to places. Will it work? Hey, no doubt. It will not work at all. You need to take the drivers place and put the key in the ignition to drive it. Yes, this is motivation.

To sum up, if you want to achieve something, the key is motivation.
Now the question is, ‘how to get motivation?’ There are several ways you can get that motivational force required to achieve all that you want in your life.

Here are some great tips to build your motivation:

a) Be clear about what you want and why?
The ultimate goal of undertaking a particular task should be clear in your mind. You should know what you want. It is also equally important to know why you want a particular thing. Spend some time and decide about what you want. Thereafter, write down some points on reasons you would like to wish for a certain thing.

b) Plan and make short goals
Once you are clear about what you want, you must write down your goal and break your ultimate goal in to smaller chunks or short steps that would take you forward. Once you start achieving your short goals, you would be motivated to go further. Remember, nothing works better than success to motivate.

c) Follow optimism
You need to be positive about achieving your dreams. You may fear for the first time you start something new. Its O.K. fear is just a way your mind tells you that you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Do not lose hope. Believe you can and you will!

d) Choose confidants carefully
People are often critical and negative. You should not let these people spoil your dreams or kill your zest. You must talk to people who are interested in your plans and encourage you to go a lead with your plans.

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