Sunday, November 9, 2008


Symptoms of Dengue:

High fever - up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit
Severe headache
Retro-orbital pain - pain behind the eye
Severe joint pains
Muscle pains
Muscle aches
Swollen lymph nodes
General weakness
Children get non-typical symptoms
Severe headache
Pain behind the eyes
Severe muscle pain
Slowed heart rate
Enlarge lymph nodes
Maculopapular rash

Preventive measures:

1. Clean drains of stagnant water.

2. Step up checks on vacant properties and ongoing construction sites. Have more frequent fogging measures.

3. Removing broad leafed plants which may breed mosquitoes. These plants like palm trees or any plants with axils capable of trapping water are potential breeding sites. Holes in tree trunks are also a concern. Filling these holes with sand is a feasible way.

4. To prevent being bitten by the mosquitoes wear long sleeves long trousers to cover the limbs. Other measures include use of mosquito repellants window screens and nets. Repellants recommendations are those with active ingredients such as DEET which provide more effective and lasting protection. Placing a potted plant called citronella in the office or home which gives off a strong lemon like fragrance which repels mosquitoes.

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